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Planet Fitness: A Comprehensive Review, Is there a Scandal or Not?


Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness has gained recognition as a popular fitness chain known for its affordability and inclusive atmosphere. In this review, we will explore the key features and unique offerings that make Planet Fitness a go-to choice for individuals seeking an accessible and non-intimidating fitness experience.

Affordable Membership:
Fitness Center Monthly Membership Fee (Approximate) Initiation Fee (Approximate) Additional Fees
Planet Fitness $10 - $22 $0 - $39 Annual fee, varies by location
LA Fitness $30 - $40 $0 - $99 Varies by location
24 Hour Fitness $30 - $40 $0 - $49 Varies by location
Anytime Fitness $30 - $40 $0 - $99 Varies by location
Gold's Gym $30 - $40 $0 - $99 Varies by location

One of the standout features of Planet Fitness is its affordable membership pricing. With monthly fees ranging from $10 to $22 (approximately), Planet Fitness provides an economical option for individuals looking to prioritize their fitness without breaking the bank. The low-cost membership allows access to the gym's facilities and various amenities, making fitness accessible to a wide range of budgets.

Judgement-Free Zone:

Planet Fitness prides itself on creating a non-intimidating and judgment-free environment, which sets it apart from other fitness centers. The "no gymtimidation" philosophy fosters a welcoming space where individuals of all fitness levels can feel comfortable and accepted. This inclusive approach encourages beginners and those who may feel self-conscious about their fitness journey to engage in regular workouts without fear of judgment or criticism.

Planet Fitness

Spacious Facilities and Equipment:

Planet Fitness centers feature spacious workout areas equipped with a range of exercise machines, including cardio equipment, strength training machines, and free weights. While the equipment may be more basic compared to some high-end fitness centers, it provides ample options for individuals to engage in effective workouts. The facilities are well-maintained and offer a clean and functional environment for members to exercise comfortably.

HydroMassage and Total Body Enhancement:

In addition to the standard fitness equipment, Planet Fitness offers unique amenities to enhance members' experiences. The HydroMassage beds provide a relaxing and rejuvenating massage experience, allowing members to unwind and relieve post-workout muscle tension. The Total Body Enhancement machines utilize red light therapy and vibration technology to promote circulation, muscle recovery, and skin rejuvenation. These additional features provide added value and an extra touch of comfort to members' fitness routines.

Extensive Hours and Nationwide Access:

Planet Fitness centers typically offer extended hours, providing members with the flexibility to work out at their convenience, even during early mornings or late evenings. Additionally, with numerous locations nationwide, Planet Fitness members can access any participating center across the country, making it convenient for frequent travelers or those relocating.

Supportive Staff:

The staff at Planet Fitness is known for their friendly and helpful demeanor. They are readily available to assist members with any inquiries, equipment usage, or general support. Their approachable nature contributes to the welcoming atmosphere, ensuring that members feel supported throughout their fitness journey.

Final Verdict

Planet Fitness stands out as an affordable fitness option that prioritizes inclusivity and a judgment-free environment. With its low-cost membership, spacious facilities, and range of amenities like HydroMassage and Total Body Enhancement, Planet Fitness provides an accessible platform for individuals of all fitness levels to engage in regular exercise. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced gym-goer, Planet Fitness offers a supportive and non-intimidating atmosphere that encourages a healthier lifestyle.


Here are 10 commonly asked questions about Planet Fitness:

Q1: What is the cost of a Planet Fitness membership?

A: Planet Fitness offers memberships with monthly fees ranging from $10 to $22, depending on the location and specific membership plan.

Q2: Does Planet Fitness charge an initiation fee?

A: Yes, there may be an initiation fee when signing up for a Planet Fitness membership. The initiation fee can vary, typically ranging from $0 to $39.

Q3: Are there any additional fees associated with Planet Fitness membership?

A: In addition to the monthly membership fee and initiation fee, Planet Fitness may charge an annual fee, which varies by location. It is advisable to check with the specific location for details on any additional fees.

Q4: Does Planet Fitness offer personal training services?

A: Yes, some Planet Fitness locations offer personal training services at an additional cost. Availability may vary, so it is recommended to inquire at the specific location.

Q5: Are there group exercise classes available at Planet Fitness?

A: While Planet Fitness does not typically offer traditional group exercise classes, they may provide "PE@PF" (Physical Education at Planet Fitness) classes that focus on specific fitness activities or educational workshops. These classes may vary by location.

Q6: Does Planet Fitness have a dress code?

A: Planet Fitness has a relaxed dress code policy, encouraging comfortable workout attire. However, they maintain guidelines regarding appropriate clothing to ensure a respectful and inclusive environment.

Q7: Can I bring a guest to Planet Fitness?

A: Planet Fitness allows members to bring a guest, typically requiring a small fee per visit. Guest privileges may vary by location, so it is advisable to check with the specific gym for their guest policy.

Q8: What are the gym hours at Planet Fitness?

A: Planet Fitness locations usually offer extended hours, including early morning and late-night options. The exact hours may vary by location, so it is recommended to check with the specific gym for their operating hours.

Q9: Does Planet Fitness offer childcare services?

A: While Planet Fitness does not have dedicated childcare services, some locations may offer supervised play areas or Kids' Clubs. It is advisable to check with the specific gym for details on child-related facilities.

Q10: What amenities are available at Planet Fitness?

A: Planet Fitness offers a range of amenities, including cardio and strength training equipment, locker rooms with showers, HydroMassage beds, Total Body Enhancement machines, and the use of tanning booths (at select locations). The availability of amenities may vary by location, so it is recommended to inquire at the specific gym.

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